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Conference book:

IEEE SGSMA 2021 Conference book:  “Conference book download”

Opening session:

SGSMA Executive Committee Chair – Mladen Kezunovic:  “Welcome”

SGSMA Technical Program Committee Chair – Lars Nordström: “Technical Program Report” 

SGSMA Steering Committee Chair – Mario Paolone: Role and actions of the Steering Committee”

Recording of the session


Panel 1:

Panelist 1 – Georgios Stefopoulos:  “Real-time modeling and simulation of synchrophasor systems at the New York Power Authority: Use cases and applications”

Panelist 2 – Ian Cowan: “Study of WAMPAC to De-Risk HVDC Integration” 

Panelist 3 – Hjörtur Jóhannsson: “Use of RTDS in R&D of Wide-Area Early-Warning and Early-Prevention Systems” 

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Panel 2:

Organizer – Panayiotis Moutis: “Synchrophasor Measurements at Distribution Systems:
Use Cases and Path Forward”

Panelist 1 – Alexandra (Sascha) von Meier: “Distribution Synchrophasors for Control Applications”

Panelist 2 – Ken Martin: “What can phasor measurement units (PMUs) provide and what are the challenges in developing a standard for them in the distribution environment”

Panelist 3 – Paul Pabst: “Distribution PMU Deployment and Analytics”

Panelist 4 – Omid Alizadeh-Mousavi: “Edge computing monitoring infrastructure for scalable distribution grid monitoring”

Panelist 5 – Greg Zweigle: “Distribution Time-Synchronized Measurements: Sensors and Applications”

Recording of the session

Panel 3:

Organizer – Rafael Segundo: “Synchrophasor and Monitoring data handling A perspective of ongoing TSOs approaches”

Panelist 1 – Hector Chavez: “Towards inertia forecasting based on data-driven power system models”

Panelist 2 – Walter Sattinger: “Use of WAM Tools for the Secure Operation of the Continental European Power System”

Panelist 3 – Emil Hillberg: “Development of SIPS for enhanced security and capacity of the power systems”

Panelist 4 – Robert Eriksson: “Use of WAM Tools for the Secure Operation of the Nordic Power System”

Recording of the session

Panel 4:

Organizer – Greg Zweigle: “Synchronized Measurements in the Utility Control Center San Diego Gas & Electric”

Panelist 1 – Tariq Rahman: “Vision, applications, and roadmap”

Panelist 2 – Dan Brancaccio: “WASA architecture, data representation, bad data detection, and system design”

Panelist 3 – Bill Cook: “Operator training, operational procedures, and operator acceptance strategies”

Panelist 4 – Md Arif Khan: “Synchronized Measurement Analytics Being Deployed – Modal Analysis, Automated Disturbance Detection, Disturbance Source Location, and Many More”

Recording of the session

Panel 5:

Organizer – Mladen Kezunovic: “The use of machine learning and AI in analysis of historical and on-line synchrophasor data”

Panelist 1 – Philip Hart: “PMU-Based Data Analytics Using Digital Twin and Phasor Analytics Software”

Panelist 2 – Bruno Leao: “MindSynchro: innovation and challenges in application of ML to PMU big data”

Panelist 3 – Zoran Obradovic: “BDSmart: Automated Analysis of Large synchrophasor datasets”

Panelist 4 – Nanpeng Yu: “Physics-Informed Machine Learning for Power System Event Detection and Identification with Synchrophasor Data”  

Recording of the session

Panel 6:

Organizer – Jeff Dagle: “Synchrophasor Deployment A North American Perspective”

Panelist 1 – Jim O’Brien: “The NASPI Performance Requirements, Standards & Verification Task Team”

Panelist 2 – Matthew Rhodes: “The NASPI Data & Network Management Task Team”

Panelist 3 – Alexandra “Sascha” von Meier: “The NASPI Distribution Task Team”

Panelist 4 –  James Kleitsch: “The NASPI Control Room Solution Task Team”  

Panelist 5 –  Shaun Murphy: “The NASPI Engineering Analysis Task Team”

Recording of the session

Panel 7:

Organizer – Salvatore D’Arco: “SynchroPhasor-based Automatic Real-time Control in a Nordic perspective”

Panelist 1 – Kjetil Uhlen: “Research on Wide area control and system protection at NTNU”

Panelist 2 – Mehrdad Ghandhari: “Power system stability assessment based on PMU data”

Panelist 3 – Mohammadreza Maddipour Farrokhifard: “PMU data anomaly detection, classification, and prediction using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence”

Panelist 4 –  Salvatore D’Arco: “A laboratory research platform for validating WAMPACS solutions”  

Panelist 5 –  Knut Hornnes: “Development and integration of PMU-based WAMPAC systems in Statnett”

Recording of the session

Panel 8:

Organizer – Glauco Taranto: “The Experiences on the Applications of Synchronized Measurements in South America”

Panelist 1 – Jaime Cristóbal Cepeda: “Ecuadorian experiences in development and implementation of specialized applications using synchronized phasor measurement technology”

Panelist 2 – Hector Andres Rodriguez Volskis: “Synchrophasor Measurement Systems in Brazil”

Panelist 3 – Jorge Luis Cabrera Chirre: “Phasor Measurement Pilot Project in Peru: Experiences and future proposals”

Panelist 4 – Jose Eduardo da Rocha Alves Jr.: “Experiences and recent achievements of Cepel, with focus on the Synchronous Phasor Measurement Laboratory (LabPMU)”

Recording of the session

Panel 9:

Organizer – Mladen Kezunovic: “International Experiences in synchrophasor applications”

Panelist 1 – Dmitry Dubinin: “Synchrophasor application experience in Russia”

Panelist 2 – Huafeng Zhou: “Experiences and future development for synchrophasor technology”

Panelist 3 – Teboho Machabe: “The Advantages of PMU Data Analytics in Power Systems with High Renewable Energy Penetration”

Panelist 4 – Rajiv Porwal: “Synchrophasor Applications in Indian Power System”

Recording of the session


Webinar 1:

Shaobu Wang: “Implementation of State Estimation: A Multi-Scale Framework”

Recording of the session

Webinar 2:

Jose Antonio de la O Serna: “O-spline FIR filters for obtaining the Synchrophasor of Real Signals”

Recording of the session

Webinar 3:

Florin Balasiu: “Time-Synchronized Measurements in Romania – Technology and Applications”

Recording of the session

Webinar 4:

The first part – Antonello Monti: “Implementation of EdgePMU for enabling fast and slow dynamics control services in VPP”

The second part – Lorenzo Peretto: “Implementation of EdgePMU for enabling fast and slow dynamics control services in VPP”  

Recording of the session

Webinar 5:

Lei Chen: “Switch Status Identification in Distribution Networks using Harmonic Synchrophasor Measurements”

Recording of the session

Webinar 6:

Hamed Mohsenian-Rad: “Data-Driven Analytics and Use Cases for Synchronized Waveform Measurements”

Recording of the session

Webinar 7:

Steven Blair: “Applications of synchronised continuous point on wave (CPOW) monitoring”

Recording of the session

Webinar 8:

David Macii and Stefano Rinaldi: “Impact, advancement, and challenges of clock synchronization on PMUs and their applications”

Recording of the session


Tutorial 1:

Paolo Attilio Pegoraro:  “Section 1” 

Guglielmo Frigo: “Section 2” 

Allen Goldstein: “Section 3”  

Recording of the session

Tutorial 2:

Presentation 1 – Hamed Mohsenian-Rad: “Data-Driven Analysis of Events in Power Distribution Synchrophasors” 

Presentation 2 – Mario Paolone: PMU-based situational awareness systems for the monitoring, protection and control of active distribution networks” 

Presentation 3 – Ken Martin: TPMU standardization: performance requirements for Distribution systems”  

Presentation 4 – Zhaoyu Wang: “Field Implementation of MicroPMU and Deep Graph Learning for Real-Time Event Identification”

Recording of the session

Tutorial 3:

Presentation 1 – Alexandra von Meier:  “Understanding PMU data” 

Presentation 2 – Mohini Bariya:  “Event detection & Classification” 

Presentation 3 – Miles Rusch:  “Spectrograms” 

Presentation 4 – Chetan Mishra, Kevin Jones:  “Ensuring Successful Decarbonization through Data-Driven Grid Dynamics Discovery & Analysis” 

Presentation 5 – Laurel Dunn: “A National Infrastructure for Artificial Intelligence on the Grid” 

Recording of the session


Keynote 1 – Håkon Borgen: “The global green energy transformation is now and calls for accelerated electrification and targeted innovation – seen from Nordic and European TSO perspective”

Recording of the session

Keynote 2 – Damir Novosel: “Benefits of Deploying Synchronized Measurements in the T&D Systems – Key Success Factors and Examples”

Recording of the session

Keynote 3 – Tianshu Bi: “A Full-view Synchronized Measurement System for Renewables, Loads, and Power-electronics-enabled Power Grids” 

Recording of the session

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