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Note: Keynotes, webinars and tutorials are preferred to have “live interaction and presentation”. Therefore, live presentations are encouraged if feasible.


Webinar presenter instructions:

All the webinars presenters are kindly asked to be pre-recorded also to provide a back-up plan in case any technical problems are encountered.
Deadline for sending the materials is 20.05.2021.


Panel discussions and tutorials will be recorded during the session and posted online after the session.

Panelist instructions:

  • The Panel length is 1h15min. 30 min are to be spent on presentations and 40 min on Q/A discussions. Transitions between the presenters may take total of 5 min
  • The Panel chair should NOT spend time on introducing the panelist beyond just mentioning their names and affiliations. The panelists’ bios are posted on the conf. website. If you have not provided your bio yet, please send it to Dr. Holjevac ASAP
  • Each Panelist’s presentation should NOT last longer than 5 min. The Panel chair may also use 5min at his/her discretion for a background presentation
  • The presenters should NOT use more than five pp slides. Those slides should be sent to the panel Chair and the organizers for posting on the Panel website by May 7, 2021. 
  • It is highly recommended that the Panel Chair shares a list of possible questions with the Panelist ahead of the time and solicits their feedback
  • The Panel discussions will be recorded. Please do NOT use any proprietary material or make proprietary comments since the recording will be available to the registrants immediately after the conference


Tutorials will be recorded during the session and posted online after the session.

Tutorial presenter instructions:

  • The tutorial presentations will be given through “live interaction and presentation”
  • The pre-recorded video of presentations is required to be sent as a back up option. The deadline is 20th May 2021.


Presentation recording instructions, as well as basic instructions about the presentation format online:

  • Please send your pre-recorded video presentation (or provide a download link) and PowerPoint presentation to this email address:
  • For the file name, use this form: [event_name_number]_[LASTTNAME]_[firstname]_sgsma2021.mp4 (e.g. Webinar4_WILLIAMS_roger_sgsma2021.mp4)
The video instruction for prerecording using ZOOM can be found here.
Youtube tutorial can be found here.


A simple SGSMA slide template with IEEE and SGSMA logo: