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Time-Synchronized Measurements in Romania – Technology and Applications

Date: Tuesday, May 25                               Time:  – 

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Name and title of the speaker: Florin Balasiu – Director Operational Planning Unit – National Dispatching Center


Organisation: Romanian Power Grid Company – Transelectrica Country: Romania

Biography of the speaker: Florin Balasiu received his diploma in electrical engineering from Technical University of Bucharest, Romania and his PhD from Technical University of Timisoara. He started to work as a protection engineer for the Romania TSO (Transelectrica), dealing with protection and control equipment. After 2008 he joined the Romanian National Dispatching Centre team, being involved in protection, control and automation parameters calculation and establishing of protection philosophies for high voltage power plants and substations. He was in charge to assist the commissioning of the first synchrophasors system installed by Transelectrica.

Abstract:Transelectrica is the electric power transmission system operator for Romania. As system operator, Transelectrica is responsible for the safe and reliable operation of the Romanian power system. The system must meet quality standards and allow fair and transparent access to all participants. In recent years a large amount of wind and solar energy resources have been added to the Romanian power system. Total power generation is 6GW and since 2009 a total of 3GW wind and 1.5GW solar has been added. Renewable resources present challenges for frequency and voltage stability, and for reliability during contingencies. To address these challenges, Transelectrica installed and has been operating a modern synchrophasor system. This webinar will present the architecture of the time-synchronized measurement, monitoring, and control system. Several example events will be shared, along with how the synchrophasor system aided in the response and analysis of the events. These events include a system separation after 400kV line tripping in 2014, a blackout in neighboring Turkey in 2015, a generation unit trip in 2016, and the performance of a hydropower plant during a disturbance in 2020.