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RaPId (a recursive acronym for “Rapid Parameter Identification”) utilizes different optimization and simulation technologies to provide a framework for model validation and calibration of any kind of dynamical systems, but specifically catered to power systems. The foundation of RaPId is MATLAB/Simulink which is necessary for processing the available measurements and for the simulation of the Modelica model within the MATLAB/Simulink platform. Simulation of the Modelica model is carried out using the FMI Toolbox for MATLAB. Within the MATLAB environment, RaPId provides the user with different functionalities, such as the set-up of an optimization problem, access to different solvers to simulate the model, and automates a parameter optimization process (or “calibration”) so that the model is not only validated (i.e. satisfies the error allowed in an objective function) but also calibrated (i.e. the error of the objective function is minimized by finding optimal parameters).

The OpenIPSL is a Modelica library containing a set of power system component models for phasor time domain simulations. To be used with RaPId, above, for power system identification problems.