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Panel 1 – Role and Use Cases of Real Time Simulators (RTS) Towards Advancing and Deploying

Panel 2 – Synchrophasor Measurements at Distribution Systems – Use Cases and Path Forward

Panel 3 – Synchrophasor and Monitoring data handling_A perspective of ongoing TSOs approaches

Panel 4 – Synchronized Measurements in the Utility Control Center San Diego Gas & Electric

Panel 5 – The use of machine learning and AI in analysis of historical and on-line synchrophasor data

Panel 6 – Synchrophasor Deployment A North American Perspective

Panel 7 – SynchroPhasor-based Automatic Real-time Control in a Nordic perspective

Panel 8 – The Experiences on the Applications of Synchronized Measurements in South America

Panel 9 – International Experiences in synchrophasor applications