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Introducing the OpenPMU Project

The OpenPMU project delivers a fully open source Phasor Measurement Unit for power system analysis and research. This website hosts information on the project, devices and technologies produced, and publications.

We welcome contributions and engagement with the project, so please get in touch with us via email or message us on Facebook.

The OpenPMU sub-projects

Software Description:

The OpenPMU project is a suite of tools to help researchers create new power system technologies.  The project was originally founded at Queen’s University Belfast, UK, and subsequently joined by the SmarTS Lab at KTH Stockholm, Sweden.
Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) technology has become a mainstream tool of the power systems engineer.  PMUs allow all manner of interesting phenomena to be analysed, from transmission system faults to power oscillations induced by wind farms.
Many PMUs on the market are more difficult to use than they should be, and commercial vendors are reluctant to tell you what’s inside the box.  For research and analysis, it’s important to understand in depth how the instruments that produce your data operate.
The OpenPMU project is concerned with the advancement of Phasor Measurement Unit technology for the purposes of academic research.  It does not compete with commercial vendors. The project was created because PMU technology is difficult and complex to use.  It shouldn’t be this way.  Our devices and protocols are simple and intuitive to use, and we take all criticism as constructive feedback.

OpenPMU Device:

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Please download the latest version of OpenPMU from here:

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